Pietro De Mauro Design Consultant à Urban Living.

Reconnu internationalement, le Designer Italien Pietro de Mauro se spécialise dans la création de meubles inspirés par le style et le design Italien. Des lignes simples et des design fins et subtiles caractérisent cette collection. Avec l’imagination du créateur et sa part de talent, d'audace et d'inventivité, les meubles Urban Living deviennent des pièces exclusives, réellement conçus pour Vous.

Our Collections

We have a range of collections suited for varied tastes, requirements and price considerations. Explore our diverse range including sofas, loungers, modular sofas, accent chairs and more! Discover the difference that sets us apart as one of the best sofa manufacturers in India.

Concord Comfort Sofa

Our Concord sofas are expertly-designed to fit smaller spaces with polished flair. They feature a soft tufted backrest and firm seat cushioning.

Price: Rs 60,590

Antalya Amaze Sofa

Complete your interior with the Antalya Sofa. It provides great comfort for good relaxation time after a day at work or to enjoy a good time with family.

Price: Rs 65,390

Westminister Wonder Sofa

Westminster possesses curved arms and generous seating. The tapered oak legs add a natural finish, giving the sofas a light, contemporary look.

Price: Rs 58,690

Truro Regal Sofa

Effortlessly transform spaces with this mid-century styled collection. Sink into indulgently cushioned deep seats and add patterned pillows to bring out a touch of colour.

Price: Rs 62,490

Edinburgh Excellence Sofa

This collection consists of quality sofas that exude royalty. Unique prints are displayed on the cushions and armchair sides to leave a lasting impression.

Price: Rs 66,690

Cairns Charm Sofa

Cairns is a modern classic featuring slender armrests for ultimate comfort. The sofas rest on short wooden pegs, perfectly suited to add grandeur.

Price: Rs 68,790

Montana Mystique Sofa

Our Montana sofas feature soft cushioning and gentle curved outlines, offering comfortable and cosy seating to unwind and relax.

Price: Rs 90,390

Ankara Appeal Sofa

The Ankara collection evokes a sense of vintage charm with its angular corners highlighted by nailhead trims. It rests on graceful castors at the front

Price: Rs 68,790

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