1. Warranty Coverage

1.1.TFP International Ltd, (the "Company") provides a warranty forits furniture products (the "Products") against structuraldefects only in materials and workmanship which is limited to breakage orseparation of frames and warping; bending and breakage of metal components;separation of seams. Supplementary coverage forsofa:  failure of mechanical recliners; damage of non-electric mechanism;


1.2.The warranty coverage period begins from the date of delivery and extends formonths as specified for mentioned products only, unless otherwise specified inwriting. If a product does not have a specified warranty period, it impliesthat no warranty is applicable to it.


2. Warranty Limitations

2.1.The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the Product and is non-transferable.

2.2.The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligence,accidents, alterations, or improper handling and storage of the Product.

2.3.Natural variations in wood grain, color, and texture are not considered defectsand are excluded under the warranty.

2.4.The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, including but not limited toscratches, dents, fading, or fabric pilling.


3. Warranty Claims and Procedures

3.1.To make a warranty claim, the purchaser must provide proof of purchase,including the sales order or invoice and the original warranty card signed byboth parties via www.tfp.Mu/Feedback onlineforms with photos and videos otherwise claims shall not be entertained. You maywish to seek assistance through our TFP showrooms staffs who will gladly helpyou to fill in the claim form online.

3.2.The purchaser must notify the Company in writing of any defect covered by thewarranty within 5 days of discovering the issue.

3.3.The Company reserves the right to inspect and assess the claimed defect todetermine if it falls within the warranty coverage. Inspection at thecustomer’s premises shall entail a non-refundable minimal survey fee of Rs 800+ Vat

3.4The customer is responsible for delivering the furniture to our factory locatedat Tout Court Lane, Wooton, Curepipe for repair and collecting it thereafter.If TFP needs to arrange collection and/or return the product to the customer’slocation, a transportation fee of Rs 1,500 + Vat per trip will be charged tothe customer. This fee must be paid prior to the collection or return process.

3.5.If the defect is covered under the warranty, the Company will, at itsdiscretion, either repair or replace the defective Product or provide a refundor store credit equivalent to the purchase price.

3.6.Upon submission of a claim ticket, our dedicated customer service departmentwill serve as your sole point of contact until the ticket is resolved.


4. Exclusions and Limitations

4.1.The warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages arisingfrom the use of the Product.

4.2.The Company's liability under this warranty is limited to the repair,replacement, refund, or store credit as mentioned in section 3.4.

4.3.Any unauthorized intervention, repairs or modifications to the Product willvoid the warranty.

4.4 The warranty coverage for TFP is limited to the territory of the Republic of Mauritius. However, it explicitly excludes the outer islands and Rodrigues. This means that if you have a TFP product and you are located in the Republic of Mauritius, you will be eligible for warranty services within that territory. However, if you are located in the outer islands or Rodrigues, the warranty coverage shall not apply.


5. Legal Compliance

5.1.This warranty is in addition to any rights provided by applicable consumerprotection laws.

5.2.If any provision of this warranty is found to be invalid or unenforceable, theremaining provisions shall remain in effect.


6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

6.1.These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordancewith the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.

6.2.Any dispute arising from or in connection with this warranty shall be subjectto the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Mauritius.