About Us

TFP has its root back to 1951 where the late Mr. Ismael Maharaullee established his furniture business in Port-Louis. Within years, Mr.Ismael opened two additional showrooms, in Port Louis and Rose Hill. In June 2007, an official ceremony was carried out for his contribution for the welfare of his region and achievements.
In 1979, Mr. Mustapha Maharaullee who is of the second generation, set up his first official showroom of TFP at Eau Coulee, which was then known as “Multi-Collection”. Being a graduate in Furniture Design and Manufacturing at the University of South Bank Polytechnic and London School of Furniture in England as well as a certified member of the Institude of Woodscience, he launched his own factory at Wootun lane, Eau Coulee in 1980. Since then, TFP started to expand rapidly and in 1995, TFP became the first Mauritian company to open a factory branch in South Africa.

In 2004, the third generation took over the management of the company. Since then, TFP has evolved into one of the major players within the retailing business. It has diversified its range of products to include Electrical Appliances, Flooring, Sanitary Wares, and many more. With this new strategy, TFP has become a one stop shop with 6 retail outlets situated in strategic locations throughout the island.

In 2013, with the new era, TFP has extended its imports to furniture from France, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.
In 2014, TFP also opened its first sofa showroom in Melbourne, Australia 
In 2015, we have launched a new department Kitchen Center - Cuisine.mu which manufacturers custom made kitchens at competitive prices. 
We believe in putting our customers' interests first and we believe our reputation is out most valuable asset. We believe our craftsmanship is what keeps us ahead of the game and we constantly try to outdo ourselves through innovation. We are a bunch of people who genuinely love what we do and we hope Australia will love us for that