From left to right: Mr. M. Maharaullee (Founder), Mr. M. Maharaullee (CEO),Ms T. Maharaullee

The Furniture People was born from the vision of late Mr. Ismael Maharaullee in 1951 who established his furniture business in Port-Louis. Within years, the family business then known as "Magasin Amdoo" opened two additional showrooms, in Port-Louis and Rose-Hill. Mr. Ismael Maharaullee was recognized for his contribution to the welfare of his region and achievements in 2007 through an official ceremony.

The second generation took over in 1979 through Mr. Mustapha Maharaullee. He set up his first official showroom of TFP at Eau Coulée, which was then known as “Multi-Collection”. A graduate in Furniture Design and Manufacturing at the University of South Bank Polytechnic and London School of Furniture in England as well as a certified member of the Institute of Wood Science, he launched his own factory at Wootun Lane, Eau Coulée in 1980. Since then, the family business started to expand rapidly and throughout the years changed its name to The Furniture People. It became the first Mauritian company to open a factory branch in South Africa in 1995.

TFP has been present in the country for more than 67 years with the know-how of furnishing transmitted to the third generation in 2004. Mousheerl Maharaullee, the Director of Finance and Marketing. The brand has adopted in recent years a strategy aligned to the needs and demands of an even more dynamic and competitive market. The furniture store chain targets a market with a more sophisticated and demanding clientèle; Impeccable quality of the material and impeccable finish and a clientèle that is, without question, in search of variety. At TFP, quality is at the heart of our products and services. Quality is directly associated with customer satisfaction. TFP, is sourcing from the best manufacturers and stores in the world, France, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, while maintaining local manufacturing with its factory located at Curepipe Road. The Furniture People (TFP), a pioneer in the furniture manufacturing and distribution industry in Mauritius, announces that it has won the Qudal Quality Award. QUDAL is a certification system that detects and rewards products, services, and other elements on the market, based on scientific market analysis, using the innovative DEEPMA™ (Deep Mind Awareness) method. Since then, the group has grown and the chain now has seven stores throughout the island and one in Australia. Indeed, for the last 4 years, TFP has also spread abroad with the opening of a showroom in Melbourne, Australia. With its continuous expansion, the family business expanded to the opening of its new department, Kitchen Center at Eau Coulee and Goodlands, also known as, which is specialized in the manufacturing of custom made kitchens and closets at competitive prices.

A one-stop shop with 7 retail outlets situated in strategic locations throughout the island and a sofa showroom in Australia, the story started by late Mr. Ismael Maharaullee has adventures still to tell.

Our Philosophy

We believe in putting our customers' interests first and we believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset. Our craftsmanship is what keeps us ahead of the game and we constantly try to outdo ourselves through innovation. We are a bunch of people who genuinely love what we do and we hope Mauritius will love us for that.

Our Vision

The vision statement of TFP is a simple one-liner that has been stated as, “Simplicity, convenience and comfort for the many people.”

Our Mission

In line with our vision, TFP's Mission is as follows: “Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of welldesigned, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

Through investing in the future, the mission of TFP revolves around attaining long term growth for the ultimate employees, customers, and suppliers.

In this regard, a significant portion of the profits generated by TFP is invested towards the diversification. TFP wishes to grow through horizontal integration, our aim is to expand to household decorations, curtains & blinds, flooring, readymade doors, lighting and so on - in order to increase our size, diversify products, achieve economies of scale. They may also wish to gain access to new customers or markets, while ensuring that the ultimate price levied upon the customers is as low as possible.

Mauritius will face the same economical impacts as Europe. People will have smaller budgets for furniture and smaller houses. In the future, the expected lifetime of furniture will decrease - people will prefer to relook their interiors every 10 to 15 years. Our furniture needs to adapt to this change.

Following our vision, in regards to "convenience", we have to further develop our online strategy and sales strategy to be nearer to our customers. Our customer experience should be as fluent as possible. Furthermore to be more convenient, our strategy is to have Mega stores such as IKEA - One stop shop for your household items.

Core Values

The shared valued that regulates the behavior and operations inside TFP are provided as below:

Humbleness and Will Power: TFP is reputed as a humble brand with respect to its business operations, which is particularly evident in its treatment of supplier, employees and customers. Our will power can be reflected in their desire to serve, innovate, and get things done.

Leadership by Example: The Directors and managers at TFP believe in the core idea of leading by example by setting standards for our employees.

Daring to be Different: A key aspect of TFP's business is based upon its idea of differentiation and is considered something of increasing value at the entity.

Togetherness and Enthusiasm: Collaboration with enthusiasm is vital, and perhaps something of increased value as it assists significantly in resolving issues. Thus, through collaboration and enthusiasm, the biggest challenges and even complex problems are being solved.

Constant Desire for Renewal: An important core value at TFP is the desire for seeking innovation and creativity. As a result, TFP keeps innovating to ensure the provision of high-quality products for its customers at economical prices.

Cost Consciousness: In relation to the implementation of daily core values at TFP, cost consciousness is indeed a central value and a significant component of TFP’s business strategy. Thus, to pass the benefits to the customer and maintain low cost, TFP is known to make efficient use of its resources and manage costs effectively.

Accept and Delegate Responsibility: At TFP, they believe in authorizing and empowering people. Accepting and delegating responsibilities are two of the ways to develop as independent individuals. Being positive and forward-looking to inspire everyone to contribute and grow. This attitude comes with trust. Promoting co-workers with potential and motivate them to outshine their expectations, TFP has infused a culture of acceptance and delegation in the organization.

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