Advice and Recommendations

  1. To ensure that the correct item purchased has been delivered, use a marker to identify at the back (applicable for items on display).
  2. While the opening of imported furniture from boxes, there could be a sign of rust on surface plating, fittings, handles, and hinges, etc. due to salt particles coming from the sea.3.Humidity or lack of proper ventilation may cause the growth of fungus on furniture surfaces.
  3. The use of a plastic base is recommended to prevent the transfer of humidity from the ground to the furniture (osmosis).
  4. Always Keep furniture doors closed, as temperature difference causes outer surface to dry quicker than the inner surface, thus causing doors to become asymmetrical or warp.
  5. Water leakage causes swelling of timber or board. The use of inappropriate chemical solutions causes permanent damage to furniture.
  6. All of our furniture is designed for domestic purposes to be used only and for weight load not exceeding 120 kg since the Customer places an online order, TFP commits to deliver the order as soon as possible.
  7. All prices on the website excludes Delivery and mounting fees.


  1. The quotation is an estimate valid only for a maximum of 30 days. Order is accepted by the company only after down payment has been received

Condition of Sales

  1. Terms used to describe materials and descriptions of items for this order/sale are meant solely for administrative purposes.
  2. ‘Force Majeure’ may apply (i) Delivery delays arising from circumstances beyond the seller’s control e.g. weather (ii) All obstacles that hinder the completion of work, war, strikes, and lockdown. (iii) Price revisions due to currency revaluation, freight charges, and customs duty increase, or any other increase beyond The Seller’s control. In the event of any price alteration, the ruling price will be charged or order can be canceled.
  3. Full payment shall be made for any order prior to delivery.
  4. Orders not collected or delivered within 45 days as from the date of reservation are automatically canceled forfeiting all deposits made and the goods will be put back on sale 7 days later. Cancellation fees will be charged.
  5. No verbal promises are accepted and any additional instructions or agreement shall be clearly mentioned on the Sales Order.
  6. Items are automatically delivered from the showroom display unless items are on order or otherwise specified in the document section in the front of the Sales Order.
  7. Special orders or any modifications require a minimum of 5 weeks for delivery after deposit or full payment is received.


  1. Goods ordered can be canceled by the seller due (i) to wrong selling price (ii) goods gave been found to be damaged (iii) any other justified causes.
  2. On order cancellation by the customer, the amount deposited is not refundable but is used to purchase another item.
  3. The seller’s liabilities to unsatisfied customers are limited to refund of payment if any, made without any interest and damages.
  4. Any failed delivery or refusal to take delivery, which is due to the customer’s fault, will result in a 15% penalty fee which shall be charged from the deposit, along with transport charge of Rs1,500 and mounting fee wherever applicable.
  5. A daily fee of Rs100 will be charged from the deposit for items (i) being refunded and (ii) postponed delivery which needs to be re-stocked.
  6. Refund, if any, is effected within 10 working days by means of Company’s crossed cheque drawn on the customer’s name as it appears on the receipt. The refund is made only upon the return of the original receipt.

Delivery Schedule

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself) items are on the client’s responsibility to take delivery and proceed with mounting unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Our group delivery schedule is undertaken between 9.00 am to 11.30 pm, Monday to Saturday with no fixed time except for public holidays and peak seasons.
  3. For urgent deliveries or specific delivery time, the goods are collected from the showroom/warehouse by the customer or a transport contractor can be recommended at an additional fee not exceeding Rs 5,000 to be incurred by the buyer, excluding any additional fees applicable.
  4. Delivery for an item in stock is scheduled for up to 7 days after the final deposit has been received (payment by cheque/bank transfer has been cleared or approval from credit companies obtained).
  5. Any rescheduled delivery due to postponement as per the customer’s request or fault is completed within an additional 7 days after postponement date. A postponement fees of Rs 1000 (+ Vat) will be charged.
  6. Any specified or agreed time delivery with the staff needs to be mentioned on the Sale Order form in the comment section as the verbal arrangement is not taken into consideration.

Delivery Terms

  1. Goods are sold on an ex-store basis. The seller’s responsibility ceases immediately as the goods leave its store and the buyer to monitor the removal of goods from the delivery van at premises.
  2. The Seller effects delivery at the front door of the buyer’s house ONLY, at which point the buyer must check the goods and sign the delivery note even if the item must be moved elsewhere as mentioned in clause 6.
  3. The Seller declines responsibilities for arranging space for new furniture.
  4. The Seller declines liabilities for the narrowness of doors, corridors, and stairs at the buyer’s premises. Customers are liable and responsible for all further handling inside the house at the buyer’s sole risk and responsibility.
  5. Customers are requested to check the condition and specifications of items delivered before signing a delivery note and before the delivery personnel leaves their premises after which the seller is not held responsible for any defects falling out of the warranty.
  6. Acceptance of delivery would mean that order specifications such as timber used, construction method, and finish have complied with.
  7. Once delivery is made, no return or claim of broken or damaged parts such as mirrors, fabrics, or finishing is accepted.
  8. DIY customers to thoroughly check for all fittings such as bolts, nuts, and screws, etc. upon receipt of goods whereby the Seller’s responsibility ceases immediately.


  1. Products mentioned on the receipt as promotional items “as is, where is” are sold at discounted prices and do not have any warranty cover.
  2. Guarantee, if any, covers only construction method and excludes glass frame, fabrics, leather, any plastic parts, electrical and electronic accessories, and surface coating (paper, varnish, lacquer).
  3. After-sale issues are handled at the factory located at Wooton only. The buyer is responsible for the transportation to and from the factory since all equipment, machine tools, materials, supervision are available there. A transport contractor can be recommended with prices not exceeding Rs 5,000 per trip.d)Customers who insist to have their repair done at their house must send a written request. The buyer is responsible for arranging the worker’s transport from and back to his work site or a transport contractor will be hired whose cost up to Rs 5,000 will need to be incurred by the buyer. However, due to lack of expert supervision, the seller declines all responsibility or repair work carried out at the buyer’s house
  4. After-sale guarantee, if any is limited to one year only as from the date of purchase. No action is taken if the after-sale complaint is received verbally. A formal claim form must be filed.
  5. No guarantee is given (i) for materials and timber against wood borers, termites & other insects (ii) No guarantee is given against growth of fungus due to climatic environment (“Mildew”) (iii) against changes of surface, mirrors, varnish, plating of hinges, handles, fittings due to climatic condition, color fading due to sunlight, wear and tear of covering material i.e. PVC and fabric (iv) Any misuse or not for the purpose intended and designed for (v) lighting products including bulbs (vi) TV Brackets and its fittings.*(i) Warranty means Commitment from the manufacturer to provide free repair if the product breaks(ii) Guarantee means: Commitment from the manufacturer to provide free repair, and if not possible, to replace the product

The Seller is not liable 

  1. For customers traveling in the company’s vehicles.
  2. For customers giving free and unaccompanied access to employees on their premises.
  3. For customers allowing employees to fix or bolt any furniture or fixtures, which might turn loose.
  4. For customers not supervising the mounting of furniture at their premises, which later can become loose and cause injuries.
  5. Gifts offered by the Seller do not form part of the sale transaction between the Seller and the customer. Gifts offered can change without prior notice and are not covered by any guarantee.
  6. Any items reported damaged/lost by the buyer.


  1. If you do feel deprived of your rights, you may contact either ACIM or the Consumer Protection Unit for advice.