Payment methods

The Furniture People strives to ensure complete peace of mind and security to you while shopping on our website or in-store. You can shop with confidence using any of the following options;

1. Cash,
Cash payment can be made at any of your nearest TFP stores. Click to see our locations.

2. Cheque,
Bank cheques are subject to clearance, normally taking four business days. Please include your invoice number and mail your cheques to the address below:
TFP International LTD,
Royal Road,
Eau Coulee,

3. Visa Card, or Credit Card,
We accept Visa and Credit Cards from various providers (Visa, MasterCard).

4. JuiceByMCB,
We accept via MCB Juice: 000447935402
Iban number: MU30MCBL09440004479354200MUR
Sir William Newton Street,
Port Louis

5. Bank Transfer,
We accept bank transfers from all banks. After completing the payment, you will have to send us an email at and with the proof of payment in order for us to process your order.

MauBank LtdTFP International Ltd101000059650
BCP Bank (Mauritius)
TFP International Ltd
SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
TFP International Ltd
Port Louis
Barclays Bank Mauritius
TFP International Ltd
Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd
TFP International Ltd
Port Louis
Bank One
TFP International Ltd
Port Louis

6. MobiPaid,
Mobipaid offers easy and secure alternative payments where you can make your payments over the phone or remotely.

7. Ecommpay - Secure Card Payment (recommended for online purchase)
Smart Mobile Payment solution for online payment

  • Is it safe to use my credit card, debit card, or net banking?
    Here at TFP, we are proactive in preventing fraudulent use of credit and debit cards and conduct thorough security checks on all orders received. These checks can take various forms but may involve contacting you before we process the order. We reserve the right to deliver to the cardholder's address only.

  • Does TFP store my card or account information?

  • Whilst conducting an online transaction, what should I keep on hand?
    Your ID, payment card, and address details.

  • Do you have a cash on delivery option that I can avail of?
    For purchase below Rs 10,000, cash upon delivery is accepted prior to a deposit of Rs 1,000.

  • Do you have a card on delivery option that I can avail of?
    This option is not available for the moment. 

  • Will I be asked to share card information, account information, or passwords over phone or email?

  • What should I do if a transaction fails?
    If a transaction fails, contact our sales agent at +(230) 5 955 6035 (WhatsApp) or mail us at or to complete the online transaction.

  • What are the credit facilities available?
    Credit facilities are available via CIM Finance and Rogers Capital.

  • What documents will I have to submit?
    1. Photo of ID (vise versa) 
    2. Recent proof of address (with no due bill)
    3. Proof of income (a recent payslip or bank statement for the last 6 months)

  • How do I submit the documents?
    You can submit the documents via email at or Whatsapp on 5955 6035

  • Can my application get rejected? What do I do in that case?
    If the application is rejected, our sales agent will contact you on your given number.

  • How do I know the status of my application?
    You can learn about the status of your application by contacting our sales agent.

Our store location

TFP - Eau Coulée

Royal Road, Eau Coulée, Curepipe

TFP - Rose Belle

A10, Royal Road, Rose Belle, Grand Port

TFP - Rose Hill

NSZ Building, Rose Hill, Plaine Wilhems

TFP - Coromandel

Belle Etoile, Coromandel, Plaine Wilhems

TFP - Flacq

Ste Ursule, Central Flacq, Flacq

TFP - Port-Louis

Louis Pasteur Street, (Near immigration bus station), Port Louis

TFP - Goodlands

St Antione Complex, Goodlands, Riviere du rempart

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