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Feel the difference, work from office or work from home with modern home office furniture available an affordable price. The Furniture People, we offer an incredible selection of office furniture; office chair, office table, workstation, bookcase, drawer, desk, file cabinet for work or study.

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Nangis Office Chair with Arm Sale

Nangis Office Chair with Arm

An ideal fit The Nangis office chair with arm is an excellent piece to have in the office..

Rs 2,690 Rs 2,690

Mornay Office chair

Mornay Office chair

An ideal fitThe Mornay office chair with arm is an excellent piece to have in the office. M..

Rs 4,590

Couvin Visitor's chair Sale

Couvin Visitor's chair

Ideal for waiting room The Hotton Visitor's metal bench is built brilliant..

Rs 7,490 Rs 7,490

Dercy Executive Office Chair

Dercy Executive Office Chair

Quality This Dercy Executive Office Chair represents the modern style of mesh seating off..

Rs 9,990

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