Kaspian Nightstand Sale

Kaspian Nightstand

Inexpensive and modern Minimalist design with clean lines ..

Rs 390 Rs 490

Giselle Chair Sale

Giselle Chair

Modern designStrikingly elegant, the Giselle chair will light up any room! Coupling a slick..

Rs 1,190 Rs 1,490

New Magnum Nightstand Sale

New Magnum Nightstand

DesignSuitable for low budgets, the New Magnum nightstand is a perfect value for money prod..

Rs 1,190 Rs 1,490

Burwood Foldable Desk Sale

Burwood Foldable Desk

Practical tableThe Burwood Foldable Desk from Brazil is ideal if you have a small office en..

Rs 1,490 Rs 1,890

Oslo Dining Chair Sale

Oslo Dining Chair

Unique designNeed some chairs to go with your new modern dining table? Look no further. Thi..

Rs 1,490 Rs 1,890

Elizabeth Office Chair Sale

Elizabeth Office Chair

Ideal for waiting roomThe Elizabeth chair is an excellent piece to have in your office. Ide..

Rs 1,790 Rs 2,290

Sequoia Chair Sale

Sequoia Chair

Crisp and tailored designAdd chic seating to your dining room table or kitchen nook with th..

Rs 1,790 Rs 2,290

Cayman Dining Chair Sale

Cayman Dining Chair

Contemporary design Manufactured in Malaysia, the Cayman dining chair is lovely chair ..

Rs 1,890 Rs 2,390

Marton Kitchen Sale

Marton Kitchen

Modern designThe Marton Kitchen furniture with 1 white door is an excellent option for you ..

Rs 2,490 Rs 3,190

Elfie 6 Shelves Sale

Elfie 6 Shelves

Simple and modern The Elfie 6 shelves is a locally manufactured furniture. It has a si..

Rs 2,990 Rs 3,790

Josiah coffee table Sale

Josiah coffee table

Contemporary designAdd a statement piece to your living room with our Josiah coffee table. ..

Rs 2,990 Rs 3,790

Mela coffee table Sale

Mela coffee table

Industrial Style Looking for an affordable coffee table? This beautiful coffee table..

Rs 2,990 Rs 3,790

Redmond Kitchen

Redmond Kitchen

Charming design The Redmond Kitchen White Counter is ideal to use as..

Rs 2,990

Samart Kitchen Sale

Samart Kitchen

Charming design How about making your kitchen even more beautiful ..

Rs 2,990 Rs 3,790

Senegal Coffee table Sale

Senegal Coffee table

Contemporary The Senegal coffee table is a stylish piece of furniture to have in your ..

Rs 2,990 Rs 3,790

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