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Neo Kitchen
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Neo Kitchen 100% Steel

Ecomomic and dynamic

The Bertolini Group has a history of 47 years showing the power of entrepreneurship and translating it into a successful story. With diversified business activities, it is among the major companies based in southern Brazil that operates on the domestic and international markets. The group is currently responsible for 1050 direct jobs, in its headquarters located in Bento Gonçalves (RS), and in other businesses based in five different states: Rio Grande do Sul, Espírito Santo, Pernambuco, Goiás and São Paulo.

Learn more about the history of the Group:

The history of Bertolini S/A began to be written on August 25, 1969, when the brothers Walter, Rui, Raul, Henry and Antônio took on the challenge to continue their father’s work – an expert blacksmith - and founded their own metallurgy business. They started a small project in an 80-m² basement as a metalwork shop. The following year, the company moved into a larger place, and in 1972, consolidating its history, Bertolini built a 1,400-m² factory where its current main office is located. A year later, after expanding this pavilion to 3,600 m², the company started manufacturing and selling of steel structures.

The will to grow and the vision of the future outlined by the Bertolini family allowed the creation of a new line of steel products. Thus, in 1977, Bertolini expanded its manufacturing area to over 1,740 m² and started to produce steel kitchens to meet the demands of a market niche. In 1980, the Bertolini range of products included locker cabinets, steel bookcases and filing cabinets, in addition to tables for cafeterias. Faced with the need to be competitive in the market and diversify its production, in 1994 the company introduced a major innovation in the domestic market:

The advances toward professionalization - always high on the agenda for the development of the company - took a new direction in 2001, when Metalúrgica Bertolini LTDA became Bertolini S/A, a private business corporation that strives to nurture its entrepreneurial talent.


In 2005, the company chose the city of Recife to host its first business outside the state of Rio Grande do Sul, due to its good location coupled with good a transportation system and logistics infrastructure, which provide privileged conditions to reach the northeastern market. Currently the 5,600m² plant based in the city of Cabo de Santo

Agostinho aims to get into the consumer market in the Northeastern Region.

Encouraged by this successful entrepreneurship, in 2008, Bertolini inaugurated a production unit in the city of Aparecida de Goiânia, in Goiás. The 8.100m² plant favored the unit to enter the consumer market in the Midwestern, Northern and part of the Southeastern regions.

Perpetuating the business

Renewing its ongoing commitment to the perpetuation of their business, in 2012, the group announced a new expansion project and installed two production units in the city of Colatina (ES). A 50,000-m2 plant located in an area of approximately 260,000 m2 houses two companies: one for storage systems, and another for steel kitchens. In the same year, Evviva Bertolini, the brand name of the MDF furniture made under project systems was renamed Evviber establishing a corporation with this name.

The time of the steel

If you are looking for steel kitchens to your home that are in excellent combination of differential and comfort, beauty, durability and strength, besides offering an advantage relation cost.


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